Up north.

I have just returned from my trip to Queensland. I managed to take a few photos that I was happy with. Here is an image of Brisbane from a vantage point overlooking the Storey Bridge.

Bear with me while I sort the rest of my images. As soon as I do, I will share them here.

Change of location

After a long break from photography due to other commitments, I finally got to dust off my equipment and catch up with a few local photographers. We walked around for a little while chatting about stuff that photographers chat about. It was a great casual meeting, but I couldn’t get in to taking any photos, I just didn’t feel it. I started to wonder if it was because of the long break, or if it was due to the location we chose to catch up.

At the end of the day we said our goodbye’s and packed up our gear. On the way home I noticed that the sunset was giving off a great colour in the sky. So I turned my car around and decided to try one more location. When I got out of the car I was excited about getting a couple of photos while there was some light left in the sky. I began to feel the moment.

On this occasion the change of location wasn’t intentional. And if you find yourself one day wandering around not being able to get in to the location, simply change the location, it might put you in the mood to take some photos.

Steel Wool Painting

Last week I tried something new; Steel Wool Painting

To get the image above, I placed my camera on a tripod, and used the images pictured below.


That’s right: a 9V battery, some rope, a whisk and steel wool purchased at the hardware store (grade 00 or 000).

So how does it work? You tie the rope to the handle of the whisk. Then you fill the whisk with the steel wool. Here comes the fun part – When you touch the +/- of the battery to the steel wool it starts to spark. Then you start spinning like crazy, the sparks get bigger and you start to create a ring of fire (maybe this is what Johnny Cash was singing about).


I only had about 4 attempts on this occasion and the top of the whisk was melted, this stuff gets extremely hot. Make sure you are in a suitable location, preferably where the ground is moist or even wet. We performed this on the beach, quite close to the water. I would also advise to wear a hat or at least a hoodie, if one of these sparks lands on your head it could set fire to your hair. And finally make sure that everyone in the vicinity is standing at a safe distance about 20m away.

Los Angeles

Last month I spent two nights in Los Angeles. I spent most of my time at Venice beach and Santa Monica. It was the middle of winter, but the Californian sun was as bright as ever, and the temperature was a near perfect 22 celsius. The place I stayed had rental bikes, so I cruised up and down the beach exploring photo opportunities. I also managed to ride along the Venice canals, one of which you can see in the image below. The image above was taken just after sunset of the famous Pacific Park on Santa Monica pier. For more of my images from the United States click here.

One of the canals of Venice .

Two Green Canoes –¬†¬†Venice canals.