Sunset Beach

Kunyung Beach, in Mount Eliza This is where we take our boys after dinner on those hot summer nights. That is probably why they renamed it to "Sunset Beach". On the horizon you can just make out the city of Melbourne. Incidentally, if you would like to purchase one of...

Under the Southern Cross

This was my first trip to the north island, and I was very pleasantly surprised. The city of Auckland is vibrant with lots of people out and about in the many restaurants and cafes that line the streets. A short stroll from the CBD you will find the Viaduct Harbour....

Sorrento Sunset

As sure as death and taxes, the sun comes up in the morning and goes down in the evening. This photo taken last month in Sorrento was the last I selected for my 2019 calendar. The theme for my fourth calendar is "Sun Up - Sun Down"

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