Jetty Cafe

I'm late! No excuses, I simply didn't get out and take any photos in May.  This iconic Melbourne building is actually a cafe at the end of St Kilda Pier.I took this image earlier this year, although with the ominous clouds overhead, it could've been taken last week. A...

Autumn Colours

One of the things I miss most about Europe is autumn.  The end of summer brings a kaleidoscope like filter for a few weeks, before the chill sets in. There are glimpses of it in Australia too, you just need to head up to the high country to see the beauty of autumn....

Rock of Inverloch

The sun Gods were with me last weekend, in what must surely be the last summer weekend until later this year. The rugged landscape of Eagle Rock took on a completely different feel, depending on the level of the tide and also the time of the day. I have included 3...

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Macedon Autumn Colours

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