Don’t let a good night get in the way of a good photo. 📸

Phillip Island has a lot of photogenic locations. So when a bunch of mates suggested to catch up for a boys weekend at one of Victoria’s favourite holiday destinations, I couldn’t resist taking my camera gear along for the ride. Most of the weekend was spent catching up with friends I see too rarely these days. But on Saturday evening, literally between drinks, we all piled in to the car and headed to Cat Bay (Shelly Beach) with our cameras in hand. I’m not going to pretend we took a lot of photos, but we timed our photographic expedition so that we caught the setting sun, and the colours in the sky did not disappoint. In the end I got a couple of photos I was happy with, while we all created memories that we will laugh about at a later date. So I guess I had my cake and ate it too. I hope you like the images too. See you next month.

Welcome to autumn people. For those in the southern states, enjoy the turning leaves 🍁 …… and rug up 😉