My aim each month is to share some fresh images with you all. This is usually a simple task, as I try and get out to take photos most weeks. But July was not a kind month. The weather was terrible and the lockdown was just long enough to deprive me of the time I required to get out there taking photos.

So in August I am sharing 2 images that I took in January. The location was Glenelg Jetty in South Australia. The timing was the first dawn of 2021, and with this sunrise came a hope of a better year than the one that just passed. In reality 2021 has been just as frustrating as 2020. Today as I write this post we are commencing our 6th lockdown, and my family and friends in Sydney and Brisbane are living through their own lockdown. I’m sure there are a lot of emotions going through everyones heads, but take it from a Victorian…. there is a light at the end of the tunnel and just like the attached images, there will be a new dawn and we will all play in the sun again 🌞

Stay strong 💪Last month of winter here we come, the next time you read my post it will be spring!!!