Staying Local! It’s unbelievable how diverse the Mornington Peninsula is. There is no shortage of Jetties, and coloured Beach Boxes, as well as some amazing beaches. But in June I spent most of my time walking (slowly) over the rocky coastline of Mount Martha. My favorite image is the first one which I have called ” Orange Farewell “. A scene you could mistake for being taken along the Bay of fires, in Tasmania. The setting sun lit up the orange Lichens on the rocky coast, while a passing boat gave me just enough motion in the water to create a milky effect using long exposure of roughly 3 seconds.

The 4 examples in this newsletter were taken along the Mount Martha Coast on 3 different days giving them a different mood on each occasion. 

Main image – Orange Farewell


Mount Martha - Cracked
Rough Entry

Mount Martha - Rough Entry
Ominous Exit

Mount Martha - Ominous Exit

I hope you have a great July.