It’s been a long wait, but we have had some of our freedoms restored in Melbourne. One of the most painful limits that we’ve had to endure over the last few months was the 5km, and then 15km travel restrictions. It’s funny how something so simple, that you take for granted can really get on your nerve after a few weeks.

Safety beach is only a short distance from Mount Eliza, and yet it is a place that was out of bounds for me. And so when the restrictions changed I was glad to be back, taking photos and absorbing the small coastal town atmosphere that is still present there.

Over the coming weeks I expect to spread my wings. I am hoping to get out to Cape Schanck, the Black Spur and time permitting the 12 apostles.

And slowly I am even beginning to dream about interstate and overseas travel……. How I miss those days.

If you live in Melbourne, I hope you are enjoying your new found freedom during cup week. Everyone else, I hope you are all happy and safe, bring on summer!! Unless you are in the northern hemisphere 🥶