Early, but worth it…

Balmy with a slight breeze is the way I would describe the morning I took these images. I don’t think we’ll get too many days like this in the near future on the Mornington Peninsula. The funny thing is, I checked the weather app the night before, and it was predicting heavy cloud in the morning.

I set the alarm anyway, thinking if the weather was rubbish, I could always go back to sleep. But to my delight, when I woke up, I saw plenty of stars in the sky and there was only partial cloud cover. Perfect conditions for taking photos while the sun is rising. I got to the location roughly one hour before sunrise, which gave me plenty of time to try different shots around the various jetty’s. All three images were taken in Sorrento, at the start of the Millionaires walk. This is one of my favourite spots, not just for photos, but also to go for a walk.

I hope you all had a great Easter with friends and family.

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